<p>Automatic calculation of Training Stress Balance and chronic and acute scores.</p>
<p>Your training load should be yours, tailored to fit the specific needs of your team. Start with our presets, then make it your own.</p>
<p>Making things complicated is easy. Making things simple? Not so much. We aim to give you a user friendly experience, while providing the depth VX Sport customers expect.</p>
<p>Gives you both a day to day view, as well as weekly and monthly overviews.</p>

Athlete monitoring made simple.

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About Training Load Tool

VX Sport's Training Load Tool has been developed to help coaches and trainers get simple data out of the VX Sport system. We take in the data generated by the VX Sport system, and calculate these numbers into easy to understand training load scores. These are fully customizable, with the user being able to choose what metrics they wish to include, what their benchmarks are for each metric as well as the weighting you wish to assign to these metrics. This release of the Training Load Tool is still classed as beta - some features may not work as intended, but be sure that we aim to fix these as fast as possible. Many more features are planned to be added in the near future, so be sure to check TrainingLoad.net for the latest updates!